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Hong Kong Idols Listing

Please click on the picture or name of the idols.

AdaChoiCover.jpg (4350 bytes)
Ada Choi
{New add}

AthenaChuCover.jpg (2922 bytes)
Athena Chu
{update on June1999}

CarmanLeeCover.jpg (3016 bytes)
Carman Lee
{update on June1999}

CharlieYeungCover.jpg (3662 bytes)
Charlie Yeung
{update on June1999}

GigiLaiCover.jpg (3081 bytes)
Gigi Lai
{update on June1999}

GigiLeungCover.jpg (2664 bytes)
Gigi Leung

HelinaTamCover.jpg (3060 bytes)
Halina Tam

KellyChanCover.jpg (2851 bytes)
Kelly Chen

KristyYangCover.jpg (3101 bytes)
Kristy Yang

LeeSanSanCover.jpg (3016 bytes)
Lee San San
{New add}

LillianHoCover.jpg (2921 bytes)
Lillian Ho
{New add}

LindaWongCover.jpg (2864 bytes)
Linda Wong

MichelleReisCover.jpg (3092 bytes)
Michelle Lee
{update on June1999}

VivianChowCover.jpg (3533 bytes)
Vivian Chow
{update on June1999}

VivianLaiCover.jpg (2975 bytes)
Vivian Lai
{update on June1999}